Speech and Psycholinguistics Lab at York

Chandan Narayan Director

Chandan is an Associate Professor of Linguistics in the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics at York. He's also a member of the Graduate Faculty in Psychology. His areas of expertise are infant and adult speech perception, acoustic phonetics, sound change, and the speech-cognition interface.

Current Members

Yang Lin

Malithi Wijayathilaka

Alina Kuimova

Kaylyn Sojczynski

Jason Le

Kira Rosenbloom


Jad Daou

Alia AlSairafi

Daniel Wilson

Andrew Peters (PhD student UToronto Linguistics)

Lily McDermott

Serg Fazylau (McGill Comm Science)

Tamsin Magor

Ashley Bain

Sunny Woldenga-Racine (MSc. UWash Comp.Linguistics)

Esti Kass

Kristen M. Kern (MA YorkU Linguistics)

Katie Tetzloff (PhD student UMass Linguistics)

Lily McDermott